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AVB Matriculation Higher Secondary School

Thekkuppalayam Post, Coimbatore - 641020, Tamilnadu, India
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Our Chairman Dr. C. Subramaniam M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D, AVB School, Coimbatore, India

The AVB Matriculation Higher Secondary School started with a vision and motto "Awake and Achieve". It has been walking on the path of success for more than a decade. The main aim of education is to act as a catalyst for self development and for the elevation of knowledge which is ought to be for the survival. Though this is the primary factor, I strongly believe each and every student should possess "good thoughts, right understanding and honest approach to life". This is, if inculcated since the childhood, I hope that AVB can create good citizens of India. They will definitely keep surroundings clean and flawless thereby they can contribute to make India clean by all means. I can visualise that the students learning in our school will pay respect to culture and tradition and they will be a role model by showing love and reverence to their parents and elders. The present scenario in the society is much challenging to the younger generation, because of the advancements of science and technology. Students use the modern gadgets and can be masters in those fields. This is one side of the coin. If we look at the other side of the coin, I sincerely advise them to protect themselves from the polluted atmosphere and toil with a vision: "I am born to achieve and I have the potential to attain my goal".

With much pleasure I wish all the teaching fraternity, staff and employees of this temple of knowledge who earnestly dedicate their service to the society through the student community the 'Best' to come ever in their life. I wish the coordinating wheels, parents, teachers, students, with the blessings of Almighty good health and right attitude in the years to come.

- Chairman
  AVB Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  Coimbatore - 641020