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AVB Matriculation Higher Secondary School

Thekkuppalayam Post, Coimbatore - 641020, Tamilnadu, India
Mobile:98422 66000   e-Mail:avbschool@yahoo.co.in

Physics Lab


The physics lab is manned by experienced faculty with decades of experience in teaching physics as well as conducting practical experiments to help students understand the various laws of physics. The lab has open, airy and well ventilated atmosphere that provides utmost safety to the students while performing experiments in the lab.

Chemistry Lab


A very well equipped lab is to enable the students to perform their experiments individually. Safety aspects are given prime importance for both students and staff within the lab. The lab is eqipped with an alarm which would detect the leakage of LPG. The department is headed by qualified faculty who trains students and assists them in all possible aspects. The lab is fully equipped with Burners, Slotted Weights, Chemicals, and all the accessories necessary to a chemistry lab.

Biology Lab


Well equipped with a vast collection of specimens catering to Botany and Zoology curricule. This also includes marine forms collected by students during their educational trips.

Computer Science Lab


The school has well equipped, air conditioned computer lab with internet and LAN facility for senior and junior classes. The lab has a projector for the Audio Visual Demonstrations which leads to the effective delivery of the curriculum.