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AVB Matriculation Higher Secondary School

Thekkuppalayam Post, Coimbatore - 641020, Tamilnadu, India
Mobile:98422 66000   e-Mail:avbschool@yahoo.co.in


Our Principal Smt. R. Subbulakshmi M.A.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,

Listen and Silent are the two words where the letters are illogical in order but very vital in its meaning for any person to use his tongue. Hence, being silent helps a person to listen to others and learns by himself. His association with others if it is healthy he is able to flourish and prosper in his life. The basic need for learning, whether it is curricular or life, is analysing his capacity, interest to develop and ultimately learning through experience. Generally saying a person learns better when he commits mistakes. It doesn't mean that one can learn only through mistakes, but it implies that he is able to correct and struggles to soar high to achieve his goal. We are proud that we impart knowledge for his basic needs and qualities and then focussing the attention on subjects which help them to earn money, character building, man-making, helping tendency, empathy, learning for innovative purpose, share and care are the vital factors where AVB harnesses the students to focus on. Yoga and meditation play a significant role in the lives of the students as it develops mental and physical capabilities at an early stage.

The school launches the students with much pride and confidence, into the society, where the future citizens of India take care of their parents, respect elders, nurtures flair for Tamil language, use soft skill, English language for professional elevation and eventually the knowledge they gain in the school will be most helpful for the students to inculcate the maxim "charity begins at home" and "practice makes a person perfect".

- Principal
  AVB Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  Coimbatore - 641020